About us

The organisation is pioneered by four young individuals who have taken the stand to work towards a goal of improving their area of residency. At the startling realisation that many residents of the township are victims of the continuous deteriorating sanitation debacle and polluted areas of relieving themselves, the main project's objective to eradicate these circumstantial agents notoriously known as the "Bucket System" preceding many years of exposure to such state of affairs, the residents are found to be accustomed to these conditions and are usually with little knowledge of how to maintain the toilets they have personally built for themselves, general cleanliness, health and environmental awareness.

Both children and adults inhabiting these areas lack the skills and knowledge to maintain their surrounding environment in a way that is pleasurable and safe for their own benefit. Building Blocks bears great concerns for basic sanitary conditions for local citizen in South Africa, particularly in Alexandra where there’s an influx of bucket toilets. Building Blocks Sole objective is to upwardly mobilise sanitary conditions in South Africa and to educate civil society about sanitation to prevent contraction of diseases such as diarrhoea and parasitic worm infection amongst others.
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